BREAKING: Papa John's says founder John Schnatter

BREAKING: Papa John's says founder John Schnatter has resigned as chairman of the board.

  • 6m

    AP has deleted a 2020 Tokyo Olympics tweet with an incorrect video link. A new tweet is coming right up.

  • 8m

    VIDEO: Police say a gunman and one victim are dead after a man shot 14 people in Toronto's Greektown neighborhood.

  • 28m

    RT: Harsh drought conditions in the American West are pushing wild horses to the brink, forcing extreme measures to protect t…

  • 46m

    Deadly heat wave hovers over Japan, South Korea in long-running heat wave that killed at least two dozen people.

  • 58m

    The Latest: 1 victim dead after man shoots 14 in Toronto.

  • 1h

    Trump warns Iranian president against threatening U.S.

  • 1h

    BREAKING: Toronto police chief says one victim dead and 13 injured in mass shooting.

  • 1h

    Toronto police say gunman dead after shooting 9 people.

  • 1h

    “My own country has ... caused me pain.” An American family blames Trump after a wife and mom is deported to Mexico…

  • 2h

    BREAKING: President Donald Trump warns Iranian president of dire consequences of threatening U.S.