BREAKING: US official: Florida school shooter iden

BREAKING: US official: Florida school shooter identified as Nicolas Cruz.

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    The Latest: A Utah man jailed in Venezuela for nearly two years returns to the United States.

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    BREAKING: US official says American Joshua Holt, held in jail in Venezuela for 2 years, has returned to U.S.

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    RT: To speak, or not to speak? How speaking other languages in the US is changing in the Trump era.

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    RT: An off-duty Texas police officer was arrested after his brother, a sheriff's deputy, was shot and killed during what a…

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    RT: American jailed in Venezuela for 2 years now on his way home

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    New monument in Connecticut honors service animals with statue of one of nation's most famous war dogs: 'Stubby' th…

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    RT: "I just did what I was trained to do to neutralize the situation." A trained security guard was among two armed bystan…

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    RT: Astronaut Alan Bean, who was the fourth person to walk on the moon, has died:

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    RT: Conditions in Arizona are ripe for a massive wildfire, putting a damper on some Memorial Day weekend plans. Read the stor…

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    RT: Family members said the man used a pellet gun to shoot out their outdoor lights and damage their furniture.