RT @mandypraiselove: Cee-C speaking all types of t

RT @mandypraiselove: Cee-C speaking all types of truth!! And y’all say my girl isn’t smart 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥🔥#BBNaija

  • 4 Sep

    Good morning, all my gotv channels have disappeared again o, as in all

  • 2 Sep

    RT: We still can’t get over Cee C’s look to the 🔥😍❤️ Retweet if you think she’s the best dressed for the night…

  • 2 Sep

    Yes, thank you so much, everything is showing now

  • 2 Sep

    How long will it take cause it's not fair nah, please since yesterday

  • 2 Sep

    OK, 7023901241, like I said all the channels left since yesterday Thanks

  • 2 Sep

    All the channels on my gotv has left leaving only 8 since yesterday, what should I do please?

  • 22 Aug

    I have said it severally, that the problem I have with this government is not the economy nor the whatever ,my prob… https://t.co/YKhKI26id0

  • 17 Aug

    What happened to him?

  • 15 Jul

    Fall and die, fool

  • 12 Jul

    RT: RT if you're happy Croatia won https://t.co/fSk59KjwxT