Happy Valentine’s Day, @MichelleObama. You make ev

Happy Valentine’s Day, @MichelleObama. You make every day and every place better. https://t.co/aWvyytR7Mm

  • 24 May

    This Center is for the leaders of tomorrow who are ready to step up and build the world as it should be. Michelle a… https://t.co/XN7anzCTst

  • 13 May

    Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there, especially the remarkable moms in my life, and my mother-… https://t.co/QsZPuZ2OoJ

  • 9 May

    There are few issues more important to the security of the US than the potential spread of nuclear weapons or the p… https://t.co/ym4YTPpbWl

  • 3 May

    RT: Happy So excited to be in Philly to celebrate all the young people making the commitment to higher e…

  • 24 Apr

    These talented young people will create a better future not just in Africa, but around the world. I can’t wait to s… https://t.co/0YgQxnOrz9

  • 18 Apr

    Our statement on the passing of Former First Lady Barbara Bush: https://t.co/MhTVYCL9Nj

  • 16 Apr

    RT: We just announced the inaugural class of These 20 civic leaders have carried out inspiring work around…

  • 4 Apr

    RT: This week—50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed—@BarackObama and sat down with a group o…

  • 25 Mar

    Incredible to have a Chicago team in the Final Four. I’ll take that over an intact bracket any day! Congratulations… https://t.co/V9IbaSlbIp

  • 25 Mar

    Michelle and I are so inspired by all the young people who made today’s marches happen. Keep at it. You’re leading… https://t.co/d0DTg594Cs