A Coy, 2 PARA @TheParachuteReg have jumped with 82

A Coy, 2 PARA @TheParachuteReg have jumped with 82nd Airborne Division under American canopies to earn their US jum… https://t.co/ZSRJ38WsVb

  • 12h

    Troops from 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards have led a massive battlefield exercise as part of a multinational NATO… https://t.co/QfivK24ilJ

  • 15h

    Soldiers on Operation Cabrit in Poland have been trialling the latest ‘game-changing’ communications kit. Find out… https://t.co/wUvjgmCVa1

  • 16h

    RT: The has officially launched at We will push the boundaries of technology & the military capab…

  • 17h

    Members of the Queen’s Dragoon Guards in a Coyote tactical support vehicle during Exercise Bull Run in Poland, part… https://t.co/z9V0ZPZ2R0

  • 18h

    General Mark Carleton-Smith, “[It is a] misplaced perception that there is no imminent or existential threat to the… https://t.co/IVo7hvZk17

  • 20h

    Our greatest asset is our people -- the finest men and women our great nation has to offer. https://t.co/GFUB81XDhq

  • 21 Jun

    Members of the King’s Troops Royal Horse Artillery have assumed ceremonial duties at Horse Guards for a month, whil… https://t.co/aWbykq1yeF

  • 20 Jun

    Paratroopers of 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment compete against each other during the first day of the Budd VC… https://t.co/81MKcJYZ1T

  • 20 Jun

    Major General Rupert Jones reviews a stimulating second day at https://t.co/ov32Yf785Y

  • 20 Jun

    Training with allies for warfare in the 21st century. 1st-the Queen’s Dragoon Guards participating in a reconnaissa… https://t.co/gAYAh9UXzu