A year ago to the day, saw serving Gurkha soldiers

A year ago to the day, saw serving Gurkha soldiers reach the summit of Everest for the first time in history. Full… https://t.co/mS6QrplXdj

  • 8m

    24 Personnel from the 1 Royal Welsh Battlegroup, previously deployed in Estonia, arrived in Tidworth, Wiltshire, fo… https://t.co/myracC4XFD

  • 4h

    RT: Major H and Team 8 handed over to Maj S and Team 12 to continue the training and mentoring of the Somali 60th division. T…

  • 17h

    Army Focus: The Grenadier Guards, renowned for their scarlet tunics and bearskins, and their wealth of experience f… https://t.co/nyFPbeWCUM

  • 19h

    Personnel from the Infantry Battle School in Brecon, Wales, recently hosted HRH The Duke of York during his visit,… https://t.co/ZLYr81LUo4

  • 20h

    By 2045 over 70% global population expected to live in cities. joins a British/German exercise in B… https://t.co/RcyG3xTKun

  • 20h

    RT: With the majority of the Battalion deployed on Op TORAL 6 in Kabul, CSgt Simons has been in Malawi as part of a British Ar…

  • 23h

    Apache attack helicopters take to the sky during Exercise Talon Gravis. Formations of up to eight at a time… https://t.co/l12uNQLPkQ

  • 15 Jul

    Today marks 100 years since the Second Battle of the Marne began, and saw more than 58 Allied Divisions counter the… https://t.co/5ltm8zRlMB

  • 15 Jul

    Guardsman Phillips of the 1st Battalion The Welsh Guards, currently deployed in Afghanistan, fires the GPMG during… https://t.co/G04afwQsHO

  • 15 Jul

    Brave British Army soldier LCpl Connor Roe from supported Thai dive rescue. https://t.co/eI9dBeAkAD