RT @deeg25: Retweet if this has ever happened to y

RT @deeg25: Retweet if this has ever happened to you. 😉 #GOA #WednesdayWisdom #2A #USA @TheDemocrats https://t.co/mkAbGC48VT

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    Lying forgot to mention "secret moles" in his book, he kept the secret from Congress too with his lies and… https://t.co/JzZtwk3i1d

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    RT: When the proverbial glass ceiling truly gets shattered 😎🇺🇸 are making loud breathing sounds that all the claims ag…

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    should not have prevented from "America Justice" for these Democrats who broke… https://t.co/U6VUIQ6IIW

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    Does anyone else find it strange that none of Obama's henchmen, FBI leakers, Hillary or anyone from the Clinton Fou… https://t.co/VFypCpinVp

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    In addition to protecting kids, we need to have an honest debate. Most school shooters are both bullied and social… https://t.co/aKBLYHkfel

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    arrogant and entitled documented illegals https://t.co/oRNbc6BiPC

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    There is also the fact that schools teach godlessness, they reject prayer and Christian values, replacing "love t… https://t.co/Lcf44VK18V

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    Schools teach godlessness. If the school had a prayer service the day *before* the school shooting, the left would… https://t.co/cS41yl4a3b

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    Mental illness may be incubated in the schools. The hostility of school shooters is always back at students and th… https://t.co/PnurnzzCV8

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    Most school shooters are bullied and social outcasts. The schools create these monsters by tolerating bullies, by… https://t.co/x74VMmA0Z4