Was there ever any doubt? 🤔 #USA's Shaun White get

Was there ever any doubt? 🤔 #USA's Shaun White gets the highest score of the day (98.50) 🐐 WATCH:… https://t.co/5miLjgXMAB

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    RT: Heartbreak and tears for US team Chock + Bates. Crowd cheering them on. A big tumble during their performance. The crowd…

  • 7m

    Canadians now in 1 & 2 in Ice Dance Free Dance: 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 and https://t.co/KSyNLm2Cd7

  • 11m

    RT: Canada’s of Comox, BC just won the gold in ski halfpipe! Her entire family is here including her parents…

  • 13m

    Kevin Koe gets back to winning ways as Canada defeats Japan in men's curling https://t.co/0Jh2Rywlzt

  • 13m

    skate a dramatic, romantic long dance that the crowd loves. WAT… https://t.co/xf3jDqOc1x

  • 15m

    Have you ever considered the speed that downhill skiers travel, with the little protection that they have? Well, we… https://t.co/uJf0jX8Sd8

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  • 19m

    WATCH NOW | Hockey: Men’s playoff game 🏒 https://t.co/uq80GXgubL https://t.co/S2NI1qMJN4

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    RT: Talk about peaking at the right moment. Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier seemed very happy with their skate. And then they g…

  • 24m

    Piper's got pipes! and take 1st place with a score of 107.31. https://t.co/wLOG4ZO4Qg