Absolutely disgusting if true #USA https://t.co/fU

Absolutely disgusting if true #USA https://t.co/fUydEai5Mm

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    RT: Thank you my heros: Top 100 is released. Thanks and congratulations to:

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    RT: >Go to San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, San Bernardino, CA ID A512773. Call (909)-384-1304<

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    Why is it that white supremacist Faith Goldy decided to show up there? She is not accredited journ… https://t.co/8SEOjMKv4i

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    RT: Lil Boy is so desperate & lonely for love. He grips the bars looking for someone to hold & 💗him. He’s a 2 yr old Pibble…

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    RT: This we’re honoring employees like Stu Burns, a US Marine Corps Veteran. Today, he continues…

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    RT: Time for an 1. Like 2. Follow 3. Retweet 4. Reply 5. I will follow all back.

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    RT: RT This keep-fit pooch MUST be one of the https://t.co/J2VATefnnX

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    RT: I think it’s hilarious that so many Republicans believe that President Obama sent a spy into the Trump campaign to get dir…

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    RT: Most incredible waterfalls in the world https://t.co/YLcYbJX7Kr

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    RT: Antarctica 🇦🇶 https://t.co/WM1RR1cHMN