RT @RWPUSA: The Kavanaugh doctrine: A president w

RT @RWPUSA: The Kavanaugh doctrine: A president who lies about an affair with an intern should be removed from office. But a president who…

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    Is a recording of Sappho, an opera by Glanvile-Hicks, available? Is the Durrell libretto in English? https://t.co/WY6qADUDrH

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    Keep going. They are all my favorite until I read the next one. Now Clea is my fave. https://t.co/GlweKnxF7q

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    If you were a dentist then you could parse not only the tweets but also their body lan… https://t.co/x0IJKARxnw

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    Yes, but it did take more than 100 tweets to unspool & it was difficult to parse for the UNINITIATED.… https://t.co/6o3HBkXl1x

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    Also crazy that 45* calls it a witch hunt. Also McCarthy/McCarthy & Cohn/Cohen. Déjà vu all over again--on crack! https://t.co/Yt3ee59dx0

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    Good to see the smart skeptics are finally getting on board. Because is in plain site on 5th Ave to anyone… https://t.co/PDD1jcBcWZ

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    RT: What I'm saying is this new recording may well be evidence of Trump committing a crime. In the final stretch of a preside…

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    In a cabinet of quislings, Kirstjen of DHS belongs in 9th circle of hell with Head Quisling Trump. Niel… https://t.co/9e3BcWGZmu

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    RT: Here is a wonderful compendium of work. https://t.co/gmryysuGuT. This tweet will mean a lot to Conner bec…