RT @OH_mes: Congratulations to G-Dragon - Untitled

RT @OH_mes: Congratulations to G-Dragon - Untitled, 2014 for winning Song of the Year - June at the 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards

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    RT: seosam asked meco if he managed to invite his FANXY friends for the performance this time but meco said he had no money to…

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    RT: 여러분 제가 동욱이를 그려왔어요 https://t.co/MJYEgH9Dg8

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    Njay banget gak hitz abes emang https://t.co/7yKPL89rDW

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    The Exorcist (1973) https://t.co/XbHJMH6VG9

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    RT: Momo update: they did the thing https://t.co/Jl7X4kql6v

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    Kok lucuh sih jir :" https://t.co/DK2uZoXYAx

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    RT: Selamat dek, kamu menjadi panutan https://t.co/HTJY3bZkiX

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    RT: i love a happy family 😊😊😊😊😊 https://t.co/e1Pg7uWbbC

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    HOW TO BE WONPIL https://t.co/rvtMZRNqI9