RT @martioca: Y NO LO DIGO YO.. ¿Todavía te resist

RT @martioca: Y NO LO DIGO YO.. ¿Todavía te resistes a conocer y aplicar el Design Thinking en tu vida profesional, e incluso personal? Apr…

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    RT: Design is good.

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    RT: My creativity is at an all time high but my actual photography/ editing is slacking so bad it hurts :/

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    RT: Pahingi naman po ng ideas para sa design ng isang airport tas dapat po ang design is connected sa 7 continents — Research…

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    RT: that thought was historically the wellspring of innovation is no bother to capitalism; theyre working to outsource it to…

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    RT: This just rose to be my fav GCF 😭 the love he feels for his members and his artistic creativity is so evident! I’m so h…

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    RT: Why design thinking isn’t just for techies | eSchool News https://t.co/2RfCVSp2Jz

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    RT: So much of design, agile, and applied innovation is uncovering user needs. How do you empathize with your customers, users, and…

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    RT: Design Thinking for developers https://t.co/35ZjgOnwIJ https://t.co/nrH5v76lx0

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    RT: Design Thinking: A Quick Overview https://t.co/tv0b10DM1G https://t.co/cGOJVOeNRW

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    RT: "Testing design is about informing the design process, not replacing the designer." https://t.co/zsBfmdyKFV