RT @martioca: Y NO LO DIGO YO.. ¿Todavía te resist

RT @martioca: Y NO LO DIGO YO.. ¿Todavía te resistes a conocer y aplicar el Design Thinking en tu vida profesional, e incluso personal? Apr…

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    RT: Innovation is slowing down when you’re forced to make new versions of an old idea

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    RT: The Hardest thing about design is knowing what u want but not knowing what it’s actually called in order to look up how it’…

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    RT: Graphic design is an in-demand skill — here's how to add it to your résumé https://t.co/JOeY1QN9d6 https://t.co/wCtar0

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    RT: Love this post, applies to us all. Moments of sheer 'I love my job' & some of 'what am I doing here?' (& for me, what right h…

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    RT: 📷 lensblr-network: Creativity is key… photo by https://t.co/ELKM8Bfm5r https://t.co/gKE61fNeFH

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    RT: "Design Thinking Demystified: a Manual for Innovation" by Adam Fard https://t.co/bmyJO8EeBC https://t.co/3omJOczQKK

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    RT: A flexible, multi-purpose chair that stacks and links together, Nooi by Wiesner-Hager’s innovative design makes it a perfect…

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    RT: Design news: Design Thinking — The Cognitive Science Behind User Experience https://t.co/REZlHOCBO3, see more https://t.co/NY2

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    RT: it all started with Breimerman ke apa entah nama dia. anything electron is a computer. though not thru our usual Von Neumann Ar…

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    RT: dr. danny's design is an aesthetic unfortunately half ruined by the translation's insistence on making him say "peepers"