RT @washingtonpost: Supreme Court nominee incurred

RT @washingtonpost: Supreme Court nominee incurred tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt by purchasing baseball tickets, White H…

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    RT: Confirming Kavanaugh would make it even more likely that SCOTUS would gut laws like the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act,…

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    RT: The thief who stole a seat promises to hand it to a rightwing judge accused of sexual assault (and nominated b…

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    RT: It has been reported that, since Professor Ford was assaulted, she has been afraid of being in enclosed spaces includi…

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    RT: Statement just released by 47 Yale Law faculty to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Please share widely. https://t.co/B4LB

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    RT: Today we are hosting the in Washington DC and in over 450 communities around the world to bring together p…

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    RT: When I ran the Roberts and Alito confirmations Ed Whalen was the singularly most important and effective outside advi…

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    RT: The story is a set-up.

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    Obvious had this story planted. Needs a narrative to get his base all riled up… https://t.co/wWwhDsqaFU

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    RT: it was mentioned in the article as well... this has trump and shine all over it

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    RT: Bill Shine is building a firing case, sarcasm notwithstanding.