Share a fresh, fruity treat with your sweetheart t

Share a fresh, fruity treat with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day! 🍓 ❤️🍓 RT and tag your Valentine for a chanc…

  • 16h

    The perfect dish for a summer picnic. 🥑 Try this Avocado and Black Bean Salad with Del Monte Hass Avocados! Recipe:…

  • 17h

    We're sorry you experienced this! The product you are referring to was produced by Del Monte Foods. Del Mo…

  • 8 Aug

    Stay this summer with fresh watermelon ice cubes! 🍉 RT if you would try this refreshing

  • 6 Aug

    Bananas make us feel the same way! 🍌

  • 6 Aug

    Sweet and savory combine for one epic summer snack. 🍉 Try Watermelon Goat Cheese Bites made with Del Monte watermel…

  • 4 Aug

    Celebrate the sweetest day of the summer with a slice of Del Monte watermelon. 🍉

  • 2 Aug

    From our farms to your table. RT if you love Del Monte Hass avocados!

  • 1 Aug

    Hi Tina. Thank you for reaching out about our single bananas. We have forwarded the information you pro…

  • 1 Aug

    We closely monitor and regulate our trucks and ships to reduce fuel consumption and maintain fuel efficiency, helpi…

  • 31 Jul

    No problem at all! Have a great day! 🍉🍍🍌🥑