There's nowt like a temperature #GIF especially wh

There's nowt like a temperature #GIF especially when it shows much warmer weather on the way for most of Europe and…

  • 8h

    RT: Blue skies and a blustery wind in the today...some great clouds too! 😎🌤☁️

  • 10h

    Breezy and cool today with a mixture of sunny spells and April showers Satellite shows speckled shower clouds movi…

  • 10h

    RT: Bright and breezy

  • 10h

    RT: An unstable air mass and of which is associated with the UK 'sitting' on the northern side of the jet stream. Plenty to…

  • 11h

    RT: Some of today's Sun...! 😊🌞#BangorUni

  • 14h

    dry and cool Sunday! 🏃👍

  • 15h

    Latest forecast for the marathon on Sunday April 29 is dry and cool with a NE breeze >…

  • 17h

    RT: Happy No-one really knows where the name 'penguin' comes from. It may come from the Welsh 'pen gwyn' which…

  • 25 Apr

    On the mountain tops.

  • 25 Apr

    Today's heavy rain has now cleared from Better tomorrow; breezy with sunny spells and April showers. Full…