@annie_vams Which one is this again comparing pan

@annie_vams Which one is this again comparing pant with someone's destiny😆😆😆

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    RT: When your friends who don’t have twitter show you a meme you saw 4 weeks ago https://t.co/hO2gnpup1Z

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    RT: I just hope this video is as funny to you as it is to me😂 https://t.co/l8JMeLa3rq

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    I'm over caring lover😊

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    Life will always be a better place if we can all reciprocate kind gesture with kind gesture atimes tha… https://t.co/CbtBY9MTPC

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    RT: As a student in 2010 i gave a guy my pocket money to pay his final year tuition fees, he reached out to me few minutes ago…

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    RT: Damn f*cking hard to sleep at night,even so awake to grab a book to read,but even so damn f*cking harder to get up in the…

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    RT: Can we just take a min to appreciate clean guys. Guys who put themselves together, shower atleast twice a day , dress well ,…

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    RT: Nobody owes you anything.

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    RT: I don’t care how hard life gets, I’m not giving up on God