RT @one_in_10: The search for truth in the rubble

RT @one_in_10: The search for truth in the rubble of #Douma - and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack |#Syria #chemicalattack #ga…

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    RT: STHU. That was AFTER the fact & AFTER he had sanctioned his Op to take down

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    RT: Way past retirement age & should STHU & resign. He's a selfish, jealous, vindictive, Trump-hating old geezer, who can no longer…

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    RT: Would the US lie about Russia hacking the DNC servers? Has the CIA changed since the 1960s?

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    RT: Watch out for our Dear Leader to find some excuse to put us on a war-footing now to try and cover up his incompetence. A…

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    RT: Potential future https://t.co/1mhNFfw2Xe

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    RT: READ THE FINE PRINT: the Butina indictment has everything to do with Obama trying to frame Trump. Obviously Democrats & th…

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    RT:: Senators Gardner (R of CO) & Wyden (D of OR) have asked the Department of Justice to determine whether t…

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    RT: US Officials Gave Away Plutonium And Dirty Bomb Materials https://t.co/Yvqq536H2I

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    RT: Can you say ? Never proven and much to show it wasn't Russia https://t.co/oOHWL4VQ9s

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    RT: Operation was a in 1954 to plant weapons in to make it appear it had ties with…