RT @Go_Towers: Das ist aktueller denn je. Der Krie

RT @Go_Towers: Das ist aktueller denn je. Der Krieg intensiviert sich grade enorm! Lügen, Fehlinformationen, #FalseFlag-Anschläge... https:…

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    RT:: Some kind of ’Mini Terror Tour’ for even more in Britain? Interesting CCTV quality in…

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    RT: Ah, now i see reason for the : msm making out Corbyn is the pal of terrorism & then have a failed "terror attack…

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    RT: Is Boris in trouble? Did Lab just top the polls. Time for ANOTHER https://t.co/VFQ8w5lu7z

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    RT: All Violence 100% WRONG Whether '#FalseFlag' '#terrorist' '#elite'ALL just Agendas Hope CAMERAS on

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    RT: And just to add to the distraction news like BoJo here comes a

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    RT: Glasmästarens taktik med att skicka ut sin barn på nätterna för att gynna sina egna affärer, tillämpas även politiskt -…

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    RT: Corbyn’s Czech sponsored operation in parliament today is perfectly timed to take the heat off Boris’ tea gaff.

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    RT: The modern event? An attack on your .. time to buy moar https://t.co/lEBnHk8Yys

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