RT @obviousreally: #FalseFlag s #Syria ... courtes

RT @obviousreally: #FalseFlag s #Syria ... courtesy of #UK '#government' funded #WhiteHelmets https://t.co/9sNtdRIvE3

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    RT: "What we know is true is that Israel is deeply involved in the war drum beating,..... Israel is "pulling Obama’s strings," 🚫…

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    RT: Enough WARS FOR On Syria: "Who’s behind this? Who’s pushing it? Well I suspect that it was Israel all along.…

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    RT: Krieger werden gerettet 🧐 Humanitäre Aktion: Israel rettet syrische Weißhelme | http…

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    RT: creators and executioners https://t.co/TajFPe8Hpp

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    RT: I hope slap head & the UK Govt. are going to advise the British public when & where the

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    RT: PTech and the 9/11 Software - a CIA front company's software could gain control of the most sensitive computer systems. Clients…

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    RT: I have to sneeze. Wait, maybe not.

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    RT: In a world controlled by Oligrarch-Royal crime lords whose main expertise include , terrorism…

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    RT: The are best known, not for there humanitarianism, but for staging chemical attacks that a…

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    RT: Manchester bombing: How "real" was it? https://t.co/Hj1CmuKGFQ