RT @UTwattaMungus: Syria false flag 🤔#FalseFlag #S

RT @UTwattaMungus: Syria false flag 🤔#FalseFlag #SyriaStrikes #Syria https://t.co/AJptU2uwf4

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    RT: either is an idiot or he is part of Democrats plot. vote Monday, no circus in US Senate. She will never t…

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    RT: FISA is a  weapon invented to illegally spy on political opponents, therefore it cannot be used le…

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    RT: As expected! Before 2019 election, govt. has to play its 'Pakistan hatred' card to ignite false sense of National…

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    RT: Western taxpayers are giving their money to the state to finance al-Qaida linked fake

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    RT: The led may well claim the attack to be an event ... but who would fall for t…

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    RT: Dieser Anschlag ist der Beginn des Regime Changes. Destabilisierung.

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    RT: Kanye understands what Naulism has been preaching for 20+ years.

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    RT: “They (US/UK) need some sort of a pretext to be able to attack

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    RT: The regime in Iran staged a attack to tighten its loose grip in the country.

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