RT @UTwattaMungus: Syria false flag 🤔#FalseFlag #S

RT @UTwattaMungus: Syria false flag 🤔#FalseFlag #SyriaStrikes #Syria https://t.co/AJptU2uwf4

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    RT: Mad Maxine Follower: South Dakota Police/FBI Arrest Antifa Activist With Guns and Extensive Bomb-making Material

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    RT: You Wont Believe Whom Peter Strzok’s Family Is!! PLUS More Proof Of JFK ... https://t.co/hOPNPaLQVi via

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    RT: Because it was all part of his plan to set up a Op (which is still ongoing) to indict while blaming Russia. P…

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    RT: .@CaliforniaHEAL is tweeting for now. But, even though they did not exceed the daily retweet and tweet limits, Twitte…

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    RT: Architecture, Financing and Crimes of the Secret Intelligence Industrial Complex Exposed by CIA Agent Whistleblower Kevin Shi…

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    RT: used a Russian phrase that translated to “loose change,” in an unusual context, and his translator said it twice.…

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    RT: A Tale of Two Poisonings. Perhaps should have sent a Spetsnaz veteran with his trusty entrenching tool to deal wi…

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    RT: .@DanRather As a trained journalist investigate and the Israeli connection U were correct when you stated "dynamite…

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    RT: Non-citizens legally register to vote in San Francisco school elections https://t.co/

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    RT: misdirection from narrative... What about that https://t.co/JBZErIkKRx