RT @313151O141O18: Странное дело: при вводе в стро

RT @313151O141O18: Странное дело: при вводе в строке поиска твиттера хештег #FalseFlag в результатах появляется и аккаунт #Trump'а... Твитт…

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    RT: No Obvious Motive => : https://t.co/rbCFbkiHIp

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    RT: You used Fake News to illegally attack a Sovereign country Syria The chemical attack by your proxies has been ex…

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    RT: Issues Masive Warning https://t.co/BBGgvUVvYv via

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    RT: We Know Which Country Is A Threat To World Peace and It’s NOT Russia.

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    RT: Jeżeli "- Organizacje żydowskie to nie Żydzi", to kim są ci organizatorzy przebierańcy, cudownie, po żydowsku przemienie…

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    RT: Antypolonici transatlantyccy, w tym przebrani za Polaków w akcji. – O Waszczykowskim, Czaputowiczu i zatajan…

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    RT: pulled a as we all expected

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    RT: Reality check this blames falls squarely on the bush dynasty and the of sending our brothers and sisters t…

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    RT: Ex British Special Forces Chief Doubts Syrian Chemical Attack: https://t.co/jsRn9p1035

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