RT @CGTNOfficial: #XiJinping congratulates Angela

RT @CGTNOfficial: #XiJinping congratulates Angela #Merkel on her re-election as German Chancellor https://t.co/mozlseSRzt

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    NDP are puzzled by infrastructure,they only deal with union wages and benefits,problem solving is not their forte… https://t.co/W12Z2MVJCM

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    Just a bad design ! https://t.co/9pte0UxfQA

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    It's used to protect the author from the lies reported! It's an opinion not a factual report!

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    jumps into provincial politics! Never mentions Friday prayers in school! Oops! https://t.co/OqhwpLpu6D

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    looks for an out! https://t.co/w7EC7eBN09

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    RT: Big difference between opposing oppression of Sikhs and hanging around with unrepentent mass murderers…

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    RT: How wonderfully disengenuous. The issue is not whether Singh supports ongoing terrorists or whether Modi is a t…

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    RT: Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Royal Canadian Air Force! 🍀 https://t.co/I1AlZp35M7

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    The policy is illegal!

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    But there are no political parties allowed on city council! oh wait!