• 31m

    There isn’t enough money circulating in the potteries to support six h… https://t.co/OWvKwWACn9

  • 34m

    Yeah I think Gerry’s pretty active with other things already, isn’t he? And Norman certainly keeps hi… https://t.co/qL2Ae0aZ90

  • 39m

    He wrote some wonderful songs for sure. Seems a shame they can’t see eye to eye but hopefully it’s all amicable enough.

  • 1h

    Just thinking about how best to use scarce national resources.

  • 2h

    I’ve got it. Norman + Raymond + Ringo + Paul = Teenage Fabclub.

  • 9h

    Don’t know mate but he does a better job than most 😀

  • 9h

    This is great. MES on Prince, Dollar, PWEI and more. Caution: features white kecks. https://t.co/DccJvqRQZ8

  • 19h

    Also in Sky’s interview with Crouchie afterwards, they still talk to him like he’s a p… https://t.co/K8dSsbU35c

  • 20h

    My quartet is only let down by Scott 3 being a notoriously rotten pressing (4 Men With Beards or something).

  • 20h

    Hello Sarah! It’s Glenn from the Rosehips (in a former life) here. Hope you’re well and enjoying life 👍🏻