Bamboo bike! #bamboo #bicycle #bikeweek #Bikelif

Bamboo bike! #bamboo #bicycle #bikeweek #Bikelife #Bike #usa

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    CP3 not a road warrior

  • 14m

    Doncic wins Euroleague title; NBA decision 'soon'

  • 16m

    Embarrassed Celts vow better effort in Game 4

  • 16m

    Cardinals' Hicks throws two 105 mph pitches

  • 17m

    RT: “Tonight’s 2018 Stanley Cup Finals between Vegas and Tampa is sponsored by Pink Sugar scent spray, Bob’s Thongs, Victoria’…

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    big ballers only yo... maybe is in the oracle

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    RT: If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask to be your default browser, you're brave enough to ask that girl out.

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    RT: Gonna need a bigger mute button

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    RT: Also interesting that Harden seems to have no fans amongst these 3 refs. Gonna be light on jabroney today

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    RT: It may not surprise many of you I have ADHD and take medication for it. Took Ritalin in high school, these comments are honestly…