RT @StevenScaliban: @LivTyler Just finished watchi

RT @StevenScaliban: @LivTyler Just finished watching WILDLING & it was amazing. Great job acting as usual & great at producing as well. The…

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    In select theaters and on VOD (@iTunes ect.) May 25!

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    RT: This reminds me that I need to watch https://t.co/7iGBHgDBqK

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    RT: A Deadly Infection Spreads Among Friends in Official Trailer and Poster for FERAL https://t.co/ZoFzcxQNwv https://t.co/f…

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    San Francisco! See on the big screen at with filmmakers in person this weekend!… https://t.co/nUFbybmo7M

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    RT: BIG NEWS GUYS: The horror movie I co-wrote, FERAL, will be available on VOD and in select theaters on May 25 from

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    Enjoy! Be sure to let us know what you think!!

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    Here is the UPDATED list of theaters playing GHOST STORIES in the U.S.! Want to see it in you… https://t.co/3B4VcYlVrw

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    Don’t let people look at you like you’re mad. Don’t miss Alex Lawther in GHOST STORIES - Now… https://t.co/W9xZkYAMBT

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    It'll be here before you know it! Just take a… https://t.co/wEtltRA7kG