RT @JMatterABC7: 6PM LATEST DETAILS ON FLORIDA HIGH SHOOTING: - 15 dead, according to 2 law enforcement officers on scene. - multiple injur…

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    RT: No “yerrr” shall go unanswered Newyorkians 13:17 https://t.co/1dSHAfcwAQ

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    RT: Bro I could live in these mfs I need me one or five 😩😭 https://t.co/u0Vyu6Rjrj

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    RT: dont believe a woman is pregnant with your baby until you see the first ultrasound at the doctors office. i watched my homeg…

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    RT: I worked with this girl and there hasn’t been an update on this in 5 days please retweet!! https://t.co/wMSvD0zCV9

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    RT: I was today years old when I found this out https://t.co/ZR1OqPg1ie

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    RT: God is arranging everything in your favor.

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    RT: "oh..my god." that kiss had that nigga weak in his knees lmfao. https://t.co/LRVSCLErf8

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    RT: This what Logic thinks he looks like https://t.co/hioeujBYQU

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    RT: Her: I got rhythm watch me do that shoot dance Me: Bet I’m watching Her: https://t.co/BKVPgLzSvE

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    RT: Girl you need to tell us why you and Jessie had beef causing the show to come to an end https://t.co/D9qxJh1MRA