RT @LandryLocker: One of the keys to sobriety is n

RT @LandryLocker: One of the keys to sobriety is not listening to anything Lamar Odom says. https://t.co/xaZTaJkVCl

  • 4h

    If shes still running from the cops at local house parties.. Shes too young for you bro.

  • 6h

    Lol will def be there https://t.co/JN4P4AzPXH

  • 9h

    Some days you love your job some days you wanna catch a body on the clock. Its just the way life goes,

  • 9h

    Still convinced that Cleveland State has the prettiest females in North east Ohio. Dont me.

  • 9h

    happy birthday my dude much love❤

  • 16h

    O State today!! Kickoff in 30 minutes.

  • 18h

    RT: Chode=Sickomode

  • 22 Sep

    RT: LeBron to LeBron https://t.co/xu0vrk09bO

  • 22 Sep

    RT: If you from Ohio, you a different breed. https://t.co/A2oRY66Gdd

  • 22 Sep

    RT: Jurickson Profar has officially hit the weirdest home run of the 2018 season. https://t.co/gDivm9iBcf