RT @BlackWarriorRev: Rumor has it they like BWR mo

RT @BlackWarriorRev: Rumor has it they like BWR more than boys: https://t.co/7x9hknCAAL

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  • 17 Feb

    Here for the Phantom Thread/ Gaydorado crossover community https://t.co/W6NMVxpKV5

  • 17 Feb

    RT: A gun has killed 17 of my fellow classmates. A gun has traumatized my friends. My entire school, traumatized from this tra…

  • 16 Feb

    Finally, free of this writing hell. https://t.co/0FCW9D3v1c

  • 15 Feb

    They went and made a whole holiday for love and sex!!!! Aren't some things wonderful?!

  • 14 Feb

    A Samantha would never claim to be a grilled cheese, but here's me interviewing our fiction editor https://t.co/GVw0a79NC8

  • 14 Feb

    RT: Congratulations to one of our loyal readers, TEEN, who won the Gold for after staying up all night riveted by our…

  • 11 Feb

    it's really freaky when a cat's meow is literally like the sounds "me-ow"

  • 9 Feb

    RT: ⚡⚡CALLING ALL AQUARIUS! MERPEOPLE! THURSDAY CHILDREN! We are open for FEE-FREE submissions RIGHT NOW!!!!⚡⚡ Submit you…

  • 9 Feb

    RT: The truth is out there! HINT: It's that BWR is open for free submissions!!! Send us your unexplained phenomena. http…