RT @RealJamesWoods: How pathetic is this? Why is C

RT @RealJamesWoods: How pathetic is this? Why is Congress so weak? https://t.co/lgYgjtrT5w

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    RT: Not true only if his mother filed an immediate Consular Report of Birth Abroad…

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    He still has to be registered at a US embassy. Looks like they did n… https://t.co/PztmwZsCnX

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    They don't....they have to be born to a US citizen, and… https://t.co/VcQamv6U2O

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    No they do not have to be born in American Territory. They have to be… https://t.co/sr0iAbf5Ol

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    RT: If Obama was born in Kenya, like recent video claimed, is he still a legal president?

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    RT: Just a gentle reminder. Everything that the Democrats and the Deep State are blaming on Trump, even to this day, happed w…

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    RT: Petition To Fire Whoopi Goldberg steaming towards 100,000 Signatures This isn't going away Whoopi.... 92,741 SIGNATURE…

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    RT: Your talking to a pray warrior! As I see it God has granted America a gift for such a time as this

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