RT @lemontwittor: Loving @JohnBarrowman new hair.

RT @lemontwittor: Loving @JohnBarrowman new hair. Looks like Mr Jameson from Spiderman https://t.co/nOWxkpr5Lp

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    Hey I left an expensive water bottle on the plane LAX To Edmonton was sitting in row 3F window to be exact… https://t.co/miQCwuJu9V

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    1 the 3 hours ago. 2 & 3 in the… https://t.co/dDY2aHtN4V

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    RT: She's more than just a traveler. She's the Doctor. The Global Premiere, Sunday October 7 on ht…

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    RT: A cavalcade of hate and stupidity. https://t.co/vwu5AVMPap

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    RT: Why are officials not doing their jobs? https://t.co/uRAkC565VU

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    RT: “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it.…

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    They tried to slip this one by quietly. Totally sickening. Please remember to vote this November. JB U.S. governmen… https://t.co/O54ODOQ3Z2

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    Fan Family! We had too much fun torturing poor Charlie Stewart. What do you think so far? Read chapter 2 of… https://t.co/OmNGbvrV6G

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    Fan Family if you haven’t already check out Chapter 1 of our new comic with avail… https://t.co/2LfagTwYnI