RT @Leon_Chiro: Meeting @JohnBarrowman in @Mtlcomi

RT @Leon_Chiro: Meeting @JohnBarrowman in @Mtlcomiccon absolutely made my day and it has to be EXTRA!!! 😆 For real, he is a living inspira…

  • 4h

    RT: Probably a boring panel... https://t.co/b3QD2dwgJp

  • 4h

    RT: Well Done 👏👏👏❤️ https://t.co/1Mv4RMUsSB

  • 16h

    Made it. Table AA19 JB https://t.co/sjHqhOpDEN

  • 19h

    Just waiting in line to get to the Sails Pavillion like everyone else see you soon table AA 19 JB https://t.co/jJX1FmMOda

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    Kiss me wanna know what happens? You will not want to miss tonight’s episode it’s nigh… https://t.co/M6aWlTP7h2

  • 19 Jul

    I’m gonna teach and his a few things about camping. You will not want to miss tonight’s episode… https://t.co/EXgChrXkVm

  • 18 Jul

    RT: More guests! Please welcome (Doctor Who, Arrow), (Data from Star Trek: TNG) a…

  • 17 Jul

    RT: Also on this weeks I go camping in’t desert with me pal and me bruv 10pm Thursdays…

  • 17 Jul

    RT: That is NOT what the President said. He expressed open doubts about the intel community's assessment and cited Putin's deni…

  • 17 Jul

    RT: front page of tomorrow's Daily News https://t.co/hvbTHFhqRV