RT @CohibaFox: Help me find the original comic/art

RT @CohibaFox: Help me find the original comic/artist here. https://t.co/T732b0iY5j

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    RT: 33 years ago this year 'Teen Wolf' first came to the big screen. Retweet if you watched it in the 80s... https://t.co/Q2VS…

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    RT: [on phone to mum] Mum: how's Australia? Me: there's a dingo eating a shark and two snakes are rooting on the beach Mu…

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    RT: 1. kratos is white because he was cursed by an oracle of Athena for killing his family, which made their ashes permanently at…

  • 24 Apr

    RT: My brothers 9mo puppy got hit by a car last night and they ran out of money on credit care but the vet is confident he’ll make…

  • 24 Apr

    Does that mean hell is filled with rainbow colored flames?

  • 24 Apr

    I am Batman because I am fine as gay tacos.

  • 24 Apr

    Plus a big hammer 🔨. 😉

  • 24 Apr

    It makes a good portable shelter.

  • 23 Apr

  • 22 Apr

    RT: This was a really funny episode lol https://t.co/0WSGe78HBw