Valentine’s Day sucks when your boyfriend lives 10

Valentine’s Day sucks when your boyfriend lives 10 hours away ☹️

  • 21h

    RT: Alright let’s settle this once and for all. RT for golden brown. Like for totally toasted

  • 18 May

    RT: Honestly, watching your significant other do whatever it is they’re passionate about, even if it doesn’t interest you, is o…

  • 14 May


  • 10 May

    RT: I’m such a Mom When I’m in a relationship Lol I start to develop these mom like qualities 😂 Like “ Did You Eat Today ? “ “ are y…

  • 4 May

    RT: When George Strait says, “20 years together and she still gets to me”, I hope that’s how my marriage is.

  • 3 May

    RT: you should go read the first word of my tweets from the past month (special s/o to end of the semester procrastination for g…

  • 2 May

    RT: ready for lake szn ready for sunburn szn ready for sandal szn ready for tank top szn ready for windows down radio ja…

  • 26 Apr

    RT: PSA: My fellow Minnesotans, it’s THAT time of year. When I say THAT time of year I mean the time when you have to wear a…

  • 25 Apr

    RT: Don’t put off your homework kids.

  • 20 Apr

    RT: Not skinny but not fat... looks great in the right clothes but bikinis are eh. Anyone else feel me?