Valentine’s Day sucks when your boyfriend lives 10

Valentine’s Day sucks when your boyfriend lives 10 hours away ☹️

  • 8 Aug

    RT: okay so girls i’m jw, rt- if you shave your legs when you feel like it like- if you shave your legs everyday

  • 7 Aug

    RT: does anyone else laugh UNCONTROLLABLY when they are tubing on the lake? i literally will have water pounding me straight…

  • 5 Aug

    RT: My 16 yr old sister is getting a 2017 Lincoln for her first car so like this if you think she should be out here driving a…

  • 4 Aug

    RT: i honestly could not have found a better person to fall in love with

  • 4 Aug

    RT: hit the boyfriend jackpot

  • 2 Aug

    RT: If Miley Cyrus put on her wig one more time and went on tour as Hannah Montana who’d spend whatever it takes to go Rt for…

  • 2 Aug

    RT: queso or salsa? rt for queso fav for salsa trying to prove a point..

  • 2 Aug

    RT: Could spend 57 days in a row with my boyfriend and still throw a tantrum when he has to leave

  • 30 Jul

    RT: rt if you’re a girl and wear men’s deodorant tryna prove a point

  • 28 Jul

    RT: Retweet for “Beautiful crazy” Fav for “You make it easy” Trying to prove a point