#dlnchat I've seen videos used as practice for hel

#dlnchat I've seen videos used as practice for helping students to articulate their thoughts through the spoken wor… https://t.co/9gF6eFAiNp

  • 22 Jun

    I currently live in Phoenix. Ayton is a local guy - he graduated from Hillcrest Prep just d… https://t.co/Wyu2dA08uT

  • 17 Jun

  • 16 Jun

    You could see the dry heat as the oven to the Midwest's crockpot... Either way, you're still cooking :)

  • 16 Jun

    I've lived in AZ for the last year... the dry heat is still awful, and you're coming at the worst time… https://t.co/9c837M6LEx

  • 16 Jun

    Ooohhh this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/j19t2bsLmO

  • 9 Jun

    Totally. This Cavs team was an organizational failure that started from the top down. GM LeBron didn't… https://t.co/pTT3AfuLw8

  • 25 May

    RT: Bye bye, Harshman. It’s been a good run. https://t.co/vzB8CQBucU

  • 15 May

    Clearly, this belief can be incredibly counterproductive in the real world. Glad I don't believe… https://t.co/Cgjaw0upxx

  • 15 May

    Support of Israel plays right into the hands of Fearvangelicals who push end times rhetoric. Having be… https://t.co/lOopRulFM2

  • 9 May

    Guys, I feel good for Burrow, but so happy that we don't have to go through https://t.co/o4qMI1JX0x