RT @LookAtLollyy: Happy Valentine's Day "Marijuana

RT @LookAtLollyy: Happy Valentine's Day "Marijuana" You got be threw so much shit and calm my nerves when I was aggravated.

  • 3h

    Driving gives anxiety 🙄 being in the car period just makes me nervous

  • 12h

    RT: that tingly feeling u get when u first start talking to a nigga is common sense leaving ya body

  • 13h

    that's a luxury i don't get 🤷🏾😂

  • 13h

    RT: Hw you claim you love me but you block me to post the next bitch ?

  • 13h

    RT: Me typing out ”niggas ain’t shit” tweets even though I’m talking to a man that makes me happy https://t.co/VWukrn5xEd

  • 13h

    RT: are the masters in every thing they do. They will not do if they don't feel confident in their abilities.

  • 14h

    RT: I licked it. So its mine 🙄

  • 15h

    My hair so curly 😩 blessing & curse

  • 15h

    RT: Wanna know how much you really mean to someone? Focus on yourself and see how they take it..

  • 17h

    RT: "My friend who's a virgin took a pregnancy test after giving a blowjob..."