Just hung out with the @PressSec at the @WhiteHous

Just hung out with the @PressSec at the @WhiteHouse. She is a true American Patriot who comes from an amazing famil… https://t.co/4W9SVCogjH

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    And each time it just didn't do it justice

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    "No one is trying to take away your" Then... https://t.co/20CcGmXvTi

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    My friend was just texting him about it. He's a good sport

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    RT: This is a very insightful thread that I would suggest everyone reads. You could very well disagree, but it's definitely w…

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    Wait, what?

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    RT: Here a great recap/synopsis on my debate with Piers Morgan. Take a read. While I didn't do as well as did on…

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    Showing the systematic fails of my local sheriff department and the FBI. https://t.co/Hh4nE5WgTV

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    Analyzing where gun deaths in America actually come from https://t.co/dewGJhfRtN