RT @CBSSunday: Rock Star David Bowie went through

RT @CBSSunday: Rock Star David Bowie went through any number of changes during his stellar career Now, two-plus years after his death, hi…

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    RT: The heat could be worse. Revisit Arthur Miller's 1998 essay, "Before Air-Conditioning." https://t.co/IHxr04zSbp

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    RT: "It’s so important to keep in mind that we’re never too late, too old, or too stuck to change the direction of our lives."…

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    RT: UCP nomination candidate disqualified from Brooks-Medicine Hat nomination because of social media posts in which he re…

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    RT: Anthony Bourdain visited more than 80 countries in his lifetime. Here's why this one city was his all-time favourite →…

  • 16 Jul

    RT: Watch Sacha Baron Cohen dupe gun lobbyists and congressmen in frightening first clip https://t.co/uQtNCWSyaw

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    RT: Comedy vs. Tragedy: The legacy of Robin Williams https://t.co/xHDCOxP0fm

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    RT: The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. https://t.co/vb2GNTxURi

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    RT: Comedian Andy Kaufman (1949-1984) impersonating Elvis Presley in 1977 on the Tonight Show. https://t.co/Fp2Djs9A5C

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    RT: Happy Saturday xo https://t.co/NNCDwzslR5

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    RT: “Here he is, just a man who rented a Ford Mustang and drove it from California up to Alberta, knowing his life would ne…