RT @denellakate: Retweet this gold banana or else

RT @denellakate: Retweet this gold banana or else you'll fail this semester. https://t.co/qN0h7Qnxkg

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    RT: don’t know if i’m just old now but grocery shopping is so, so therapeutic

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    RT: MICHELLE DY 🙅🏻‍♀️ If you dislike her: ✅ Unsubscribe ✅ Unfollow ✅ Stop watching her videos But NEVER: ❌ Send a hateful…

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    Yea right! Huhuhaha duol ra unta nas silogan ni gian. 😂 magbaklay na unta ta dra inig gabii para makapa-pic. HAHAHA

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    Nag overnight rman unta ko kay abi ug naay reporting ang ending nag overnight rko para muhilak! Kalurkey! HUHUHU wa… https://t.co/YRyl1EPpbw

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    RT: You can say “no” to the things you don’t want to be part of your growing—gossips, complains, judgments, words of bittern…

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    When a girl says " I don't want to talk to you anymore", SHE DOESN'T REALLY HATE YOU INSTEAD SHE CARES ABOUT YOU… https://t.co/ARL3fq4L4p

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    When a girl says " it's ok ", IT'S NOT OK; "nothing's wrong", THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG.💖 Gikilig koo! Shems! Wavyuuu😘

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    RT: Your occasional reminder. Mental health over every damn thing! https://t.co/vxmwpwrx9Q