RT @PrinceUmpad: Everything happens for a reason.

RT @PrinceUmpad: Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for the best. Trust His timing. Trust his plan. Faith. Inshallah. God'…

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    RT: Corgi vs Husky ❤️ 📹: torothewelsh https://t.co/86emgguQUS

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    Kasi gi-noodtime nya kami last night about sa bday nya, so tada! ✨💞 Prepared with love na mga food for the birthday… https://t.co/v7FlrJfUrz

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    RT: Retweet sa mga bata na dapat parehas gyud tanan arrangement sa mga tanom sa plants vs zombies https://t.co/9EllMnm0Pr

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    RT: Cobee out for a little swim 😍 📹: cobeethecorgi https://t.co/AmAqHRJKab

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    RT: Mention somebody 🙏 https://t.co/8WPmV3QkgG

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    Oh my!!! Woo Tak bb 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Lahos Iligan please hahaha ako nay bahala sa pamiliti nmo. Rots😉 https://t.co/KP1XqV2giS

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    RT: LOOKING FOR BLOOD DONORS for our Golden Retriever. 😞 We need dog donors at least 27kg and above 😭, complete with vaccin…