@danorlovsky7 @PhelpsieTheKid Tyrod has a SuperBow

@danorlovsky7 @PhelpsieTheKid Tyrod has a SuperBowl ring. People forget that.

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    RT: “You get paid every time you get someone to sign up under you” https://t.co/Y2b6G2CrVs

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    RT: South Korea manager Shin Tae-Yong; "We put four different numbers on our players' shirts in training to confuse Swedish sp…

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    RT: 🗣HANDS TEAM (via https://t.co/aD9C0N3okY

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    RT: Think before you spit. https://t.co/uaNWFCX2FL

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    RT: Gandhi, Mandela, Rodman https://t.co/F0infvgCVH

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    RT: is the greatest living proof of the bump https://t.co/4ZFyasHdbE

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    why I don’t listen to Colin anymore lol

  • 7 Jun

    ‘And stuff’ is the new ‘like’

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    RT: I'd like to think, on the other end of Twitter, there's this guy who tweeted "Two hours into my shift some insane person…

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