RT @iamdylancurran: Want to freak yourself out? I'

RT @iamdylancurran: Want to freak yourself out? I'm gonna show just how much of your information the likes of Facebook and Google store abo…

  • 10 Jul

    my Monday

  • 7 Jul

    Cowherd prolly wrote this lol

  • 6 Jul

    RT: *please insert chip* Is this a debit card? Is the total amount correct? Would you like cash back? Would you like a re…

  • 6 Jul

  • 2 Jul

    RT: Croatia: certfied sport’s town https://t.co/Tls3p7XVdi

  • 2 Jul

    There is nothing better than peeing in a public pool on a hot summer day

  • 1 Jul

  • 30 Jun

    RT: Sammy Sosa looks like shit https://t.co/OXTLOPCCn4

  • 21 Jun

    RT: “You get paid every time you get someone to sign up under you” https://t.co/Y2b6G2CrVs

  • 19 Jun

    RT: South Korea manager Shin Tae-Yong; "We put four different numbers on our players' shirts in training to confuse Swedish sp…