#Russia is threatening military action against the

#Russia is threatening military action against the #USA if the US strikes #Damascus in #Syria. Quite a threat comin… https://t.co/JVYEeUoqb3

  • 13 Aug

    The increasing and instability as a result of US sanctions demonstrate that should… https://t.co/0GeebAIDDD

  • 5 Jul

    In celebration of this Sons of Liberty International (#SOLI) has announced that we will be iss… https://t.co/WilhKotQrZ

  • 5 Jul

    That we are a nation born of is an essential part of our national identity and ethos. will alw… https://t.co/KbvUB7Ptg4

  • 3 Jul

    could soon have a more secure border than America does... "Iraq begins construction of fence along Syrian bor… https://t.co/YGA5uIk1Nm

  • 29 May

    There are Americans who stand for the national anthem and those who don't. On Memorial Day, honor those Americans w… https://t.co/VTJh5BkYY9

  • 23 May

    All of the Assyrian forces are Christians, it's a fact. Are you claiming they have no right to defend themse… https://t.co/PG1s8zf4eX

  • 23 May

    No, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and do not get involved in domestic politics at all, which include… https://t.co/zqd1IUJ8ye

  • 19 May

    It is easy for you to opine about the Christians in creating their own force to pr… https://t.co/n3mlf3ezU4

  • 5 May

    Yesterday was 2 years since May 3, 2016 battle of Teleskof, We were overrun by in surprise attack. Los… https://t.co/C2U2LImrPj

  • 3 May

    On I think of my three friends, journalists James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and John Cantlie, wh… https://t.co/AUZBsUFgGF