@sswishbone started to read the Peter James book.

@sswishbone started to read the Peter James book. Jesus! Adverb city! Every line! Akin to no edits!

  • 38m

    I met him last time I was up there. Nice chap. (True story) I was in pink satin PJS at the time.

  • 39m

    Come over. I'm thinking of wearing a cream outfit… https://t.co/pC4VrqwFQ8

  • 2h

    Followers! Blondie, err I mean Mizz Sadie, no damn it! Mistres… https://t.co/M5S6kbFKE7

  • 3h

    Finished the manuscript, Sexual Satin Destruction. The first edit is in the bag. Great six way story with Doms and… https://t.co/8VGfkjNUfN

  • 3h

    DAMN! A nipple took my eye out!

  • 3h

    Other two! Sswish is on camera. That said he does top from behind the cam. In fact, he's topped all the subs from t… https://t.co/CgQ6BATfjC

  • 3h

    Slip of the keyboard. Honest!

  • 4h

    Not said owt, 'Nerp! Rasp!'

  • 5h

    How many followers do you get everyday? I got 4 in the last day. Growing daily with https://t.co/obyyTKr60g

  • 7h

    As for that ass!- Shove it in my face and make me sniff it! Blondie...