RT @devinsimoneee: The way this world works is bey

RT @devinsimoneee: The way this world works is beyond me. https://t.co/cC8ZHDcQgi

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  • 21 Jun

    RT: Long distance relationships be like https://t.co/AQUmeQdBqV

  • 21 Jun

    RT: It's been a pleasure, https://t.co/NbXq5fFDeU

  • 21 Jun

    RT: When you try pulling the hotel blanket from where it’s tucked https://t.co/tCsxok4OlF

  • 21 Jun

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL what was my guy on with the throwing

  • 20 Jun

    Most of these Artists didn't even fuck with X, now that he's gone they loved him and his message. Miss me with that....

  • 18 Jun

    RT: Me calling my mama to see if she bringing some food home https://t.co/Q6gcnpxpaJ

  • 16 Jun

    RT: Just to give an insight. You see the performance Isco has given combined with the amount of goals Ronaldo has scored toda…

  • 16 Jun

    Messi doesn't have to prove shit to you man

  • 12 Jun

    RT: “Speed and insight are often confused. When I start running before everybody else, I appear faster."-Johan Cruyff It’s time…