RT @TomiLahren: Really, Joe?! Is that so? https://

RT @TomiLahren: Really, Joe?! Is that so? https://t.co/VH4DzG3UQv https://t.co/c3qRgG1qjY

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    RT: Here’s the Tip of the Day: pets are good but require work! You must pay attention to their needs and have backup in case y…

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    RT: Construction worker fatally shot at job site by man seeking cigarette, police say; suspect still at large https://t.co/3FWXF3k…

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    RT: Poloniex, HitBTC halt transfers over report of bug https://t.co/lvKqYaDtvG

  • 25 Apr

    RT: devs publish network update code to combine PoW and PoS consensus systems. https://t.co/0N4sh9Zr0P

  • 25 Apr

    RT: We have over 4,500 registered attendees coming to Consensus. Tickets increase in price by $500 tonight at 11:59PM EST. Don't…

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    RT: Colin Kaepernick pretty much kills his football career after giving an anti-American speech in Holland. Honest analysis t…

  • 24 Apr

    RT: The next Killing book is unveiled! “Killing the SS: The Hunt for the Worst War Criminals in History” will be available eve…

  • 24 Apr

    RT: JUST IN: Kate Middleton, Prince William leave hospital after welcoming baby boy https://t.co/JnzMHHvBMB https://t.co/G5um1Mq5uf

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    RT: Tom Arnold goes on tirade against conservative commentator Candace Owens https://t.co/bWlg99UgiS

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    RT: Will the White House hiring of Rudy Giuliani turn the tide against the Russian/Collusion investigation? Please read my Me…