Since Melania Trump's jacket said "I really don't

Since Melania Trump's jacket said "I really don't care"... I set up Click the link and it…

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    RT: Politicians tend to ignore young people because they don’t show up to the polls. But post-Parkland data suggests pols should st…

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    OK, how do I make this my ringtone?

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    Hi, I don't even live on the same continent and I know this isn't true. The GRA debate has nothing to do with bathrooms.

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    RT: No it isn’t, this is bullshit, trans folk have this right already under the 2010 equality act. This has never been an i…

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    RT: Keep furniture away from your windows

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    Yo, Babs, do you have aaaaaaaany evidence that "trans activists" are "literally body-s…

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    Congrats to new co-host of The Five: Merrick Garland

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    This is true

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    tfw you see a bad Barbara Kay take

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