@justice4maddie Quite shocking really!. & weir

@justice4maddie Quite shocking really!. & weird how Jane Hill refers to Kate as 'a' mother, not 'the' mother, as th… https://t.co/aIFs9LAUGi

  • 22m

    True! Xx

  • 23m

    Like many of the McCann's lies, the damage was already done… https://t.co/SJqUCuZaLV

  • 43m

    Aren't they too busy, spouting libelous & scurrilous lies, aimed at everyone who doubts the McCann's v… https://t.co/rBZUsrOJw4

  • 51m

    The made out that Amaral's book damaged the search for Madeleine!. does the charity for missing people, pla… https://t.co/Qfgvm24TWm

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    Presuming Kate is still an ambassador for missing people, doesn't all the suspicion & e… https://t.co/6qC8mJU4z2

  • 58m

    Too busy supporting suspects, to actually have anything to do with what they're suppose… https://t.co/VHYjTzhhqT

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    Despite all of the damning evidence, it's clear the MSM have nailed their colours to the mast!. nothing seems to sw… https://t.co/0AyzdJWD3q

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    I'm proud to be part of the Isa-crowd!. my standards will never ever fucking ever, fall… https://t.co/gYqd2iMql2

  • 24 May

    It had to be retrospectively unlocked to provide the 'abductor' the opportunit… https://t.co/9rWEfY6hwa

  • 24 May

    agh!, but they are incredibly unreliable!, well they were once!, that's according to a suspect who wa… https://t.co/YdOOMhjHG8