#South Africa: Trauma counseling for women in Cape

#South Africa: Trauma counseling for women in Cape Town @traumacentre Emergency No.: +2782 4444 191

  • 1m

    Assaulted Women's Helpline (Ontario, Canada) is 1-866-863-0511 (can accept calls from outside Ontario)

  • 5m

    : If you need help re domestic violence/VAW, call +685-27904 or get resources at https://t.co/z6tukDpVEe

  • 8m

    Call 1800 774 5935 to speak to an AWARE (Singapore) https://t.co/05dnxgo7vA helpliner - open to all women with crisis of any kind

  • 11m

    If you're in Singapore and suffering from please contact PAVe https://t.co/o8tqp6LuCB Tel: 6555 0390

  • 14m

    Report in The Philippines: call 1343 in Metro Manila, call (02)1343 from anywhere else https://t.co/z016rPgKNz

  • 18m

    : 4 women facing contat Natl Commission for Women - ph:+62213903963; mail@komnasperempuan.or.id

  • 21m

    : Survivors/victims of rape/sexual assault can reach out to or email them at lenteraid@gmail.com

  • 24m

    If you are in and need help re domestic violence, contact Women's Aid Organisation's helpline at 03 7956 3488

  • 27m

    : To get help regarding women’s issues including call the women’s helpline 977-1-4492904

  • 31m

    Started a National Toll free number 18004202020 for women in depression,domestic violence https://t.co/CYsxBO7lzu