#South Africa: Trauma counseling for women in Cape

#South Africa: Trauma counseling for women in Cape Town @traumacentre Emergency No.: +2782 4444 191

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    In Brazil, call 180 for help with Domestic Violence (24 hours) - Women's helpline

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    Domestic Violence resources in Brazil (Portuguese) - https://t.co/xZVk9jI1SV

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    Por favor Rt: si tienes experiencia con violencia domestica en habla 01-800-911-25-11

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    Pls RT: If u r experiencing domestic violence in Mexico, call 01-800-911-25-11 for help

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    : To report missing persons, trafficking or other violence, text to 3803 0303 or visit https://t.co/L6mXFw0csE

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    : Pou rapòte VAW, disparèt moun, trafik oswa vyolans ak lòt, ki text 3803 0303 oswa ale nan https://t.co/L6mXFw0csE

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    See https://t.co/Qua7oyeMxl for help with domestic violence, incest, child sexual abuse. We have 50 chapters in 6 countries

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    HPP Earth: International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies https://t.co/wgoF0sAM4s

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    Domestic Violence resources in Ireland - https://t.co/diypsajsXS

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    In Ireland - NATIONAL FREEPHONE HELPLINE 1800 341 900 - SAFE IRELAND Tel: 090 6479078