#NEPAL: Helpline for trafficked women + children c

#NEPAL: Helpline for trafficked women + children call toll free: +16600199999 https://t.co/iZ2GBRaqTs @MaitiNepal

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    This is our daily morning Violence Against Women Helpline List for North America (National only). Pls RT to spread the word!

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    : 43% of women surveyed had been sexually harassed or abused at least once in their lifetime https://t.co/9MRvQkQniJ

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    : > 39 mil women have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner https://t.co/5VAoTD6C8L

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    : 9 in 10 women killed during 2016 died at the hands of someone they knew https://t.co/QW0MLmkmpH

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    The Pixel Project Selection 2017: 16 films about Violence Against Women https://t.co/nsEa7pJrMb

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    ACTIVIST SPOTLIGHT (USA): When news of sexual harassment scandals broke, Karen Leibowitz, co-founder of San Francis… https://t.co/vdAGU31w1y

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    Transforming Personal Pain Into Positive Action: The Pixel Project’s 16 Female Role Models 2017 https://t.co/tflYCSTCGw

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    : Most victims of domestic violence did not seek protection from the authorities, and only 5% received medica… https://t.co/cjBTHvShw4

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    : Almost 30% of women in a relationship experienced physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate par… https://t.co/MInJoR3TdC

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    : Over 50% of violence committed against women inflicted by their husbands (2016) https://t.co/zmj9Uec3Gq