RT @starladies: rt if you stan princess rainbow sp

RT @starladies: rt if you stan princess rainbow sparkle https://t.co/MqftC0z1QG

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    Chris Pratt stans, Lets make some noise x2!!! You guys are all legends for supporting and loving such a precious a… https://t.co/Xy6qEw3lWy

  • 56m

    OMG That poor raccoon. I feel bad for laughing.

  • 1h

    This ain't it

  • 2h

    Are these new because I love them

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    WOAH, THAT'S AWESOME. I've never seen a Marvel Comic book in person before.

  • 18h

    Smart Choices = Chris Pratt 👀

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    This is my new favorite and least favorite version of this meme